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We are a Switzerland based, innovative IT solution provider, specialized in designing and implementing complex, distributed systems with a focus on projects in the field of television, entertainment, video streaming in conjunction with mobile applications.

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  • Swisscom OTT & Mobile TV Middleware

    Monostream has developed substantial parts of the data as well as streaming backend architecture to power various TV clients. These systems have rigorous requirements in terms of performance, availability and scalability and many hundred thousand Swisscom TV customers use our software on a daily basis.

  • Swisscom Desktop & Mobile Clients

    For Swisscom TV air we have developed a set of software clients which extend and enrich the Swisscom TV experience and allow you to take your TV with you.

  • Monostream Flux

    Monosrream Flux is a flexible large scale video streaming solution. Streaming Technologies do not differ by effective audio/video data, but by media containers, underlying transfer protocols, playlists or metadata about how to request streaming data. Unified (technology neutral mpeg-ts) recording and caching of video data reduces the storage by factor because the same data can be reused to create a concrete stream and reduces the complexity and operative work on commonly usable components.

Monostream was able to deliver a high-end solution tailored to our specific requirements.

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Monostreams professional team of software architects, project managers and developers work hard to not only meet, but outmatch your expectations. Even tough Monostream develops software, services and architectures for various platforms, our partnership with Microsoft helps us to create top of the line solutions for the .Net Framework.

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